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The world of fashion is ruled by a quite small number of people whose talent and commitment have influenced our way of life for ages: fashion designers. If we wear one piece and not another it is definitely their fault. Fashion designers, in their struggle against each other for supremacy and to meet the expectations of the pickiest customers around the world, are responsible for what is hot and what is not.

Fashion changes throughout the years and fashion designers are like captains of some boats fighting against inimical waves. They use their knowledge acquired at top schools of art and design around the world as well as their sixth sense and experience with each and every new idea they put on a plate as soon as a season starts. They must continually come up with new ideas without copying much of what they have already created and, of course, without taking inspiration from what their peers have made. It sounds like a tough job indeed.

No matter how consuming the life of a fashion designer may be, it certainly is very rewarding. Besides the large amounts of money that their work brings to their accounts, it is the fame and status that counts tremendously. Once you have become one of the best fashion designers in the world, you must do everything you can to keep that position for as long as possible. Fortunately, a top fashion designer can live even after his or her death; at least this is what the history of fashion has taught us, whether we talk about clothes, jewels or bags. As for perfume, there are many perfumes that are still in fashion though the ones who have created them have long gone.

You cannot like every creation of a fashion designer but you can certainly find at least one item by each of them that you would like to possess. The first part of this idea has some reasonable explanation. There will always be at least one item that can hardly be worn on earth in a designer's portfolio. Some designs are meant to shock not to lure people into buying and wearing them. They are either too gaudy or too out of this world. Even though you have decided that a certain fashion designer is exactly what your heart and silhouette needs, you would never like his entire collection, no matter the season. And even if you do, you will be tempted to add a couple of items from someone else's collection for variation. It is human nature to explore new 'fields', even in the world of fashion where the selection is quite wide wherever you happen to look.

Fashion designer clothes are not for everyone; this is something you should know. The obscene prices on their tags would make the average buyer to run away and never look back. However, those who are on a tight budget can still find some hope thanks to the 'replicas' available all over the world. Here is a quite popular scenario that you must have noticed at least once in the past. No sooner had a new collection been issued than in some remote part of the world a set of very similar pieces appeared.

You can search the web for fashion designer products and come across such imitations all the time. Some say it is unethical and it probably is but others are really happy about these rather unorthodox practices which allow the less well-to-do to purchase nicely designed clothes at really attractive prices.

It is never too late to become a fashion designer, though not many get to the top. If you think you have talent and passion, check the best schools in the world.

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