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Fashion & Fashion Designing

When we talk about fashion and its history, it all comes to be about women's fashion. Men's fashion trends get rather ignored, or so some might feel. Fashion is basically the habit of people to change the style of their clothing after a certain period of time. Women have always been the ones known to beautify themselves. In the ancient times the kings were the only men who would wear beautiful clothes and show off their status above the common man. Warriors were never concerned about such matters as wearing nice clothes. Women were supposed to keep themselves pretty and beautiful with nice clothes and jewellery.

Fashion has changed since so many centuries have passed. Now fashion is basically divided over decades. Some of the popular eras of fashion are referred to as the 1960s, the 1970s, and the 1980s and so on. Each era represents its own special trends and styles of fashion. It has become a complete industry now, with many designers having opened their own brand of clothing. Initially fashion designing was neither a very popular concept nor did many people want to venture into the industry. However, that changed, when people saw how much their talents can be appreciated in the industry. For that reason universities started offering degrees and courses in fashion designing, to help those interested in polishing their skills and learning techniques of becoming a proper designer.

Fashion designing is not an easy as some people might call it. It requires a lot of dedication from the designer to create new designs that will be appealing as well as innovative. Now fashion designing has expanded from just clothing into shoes and hand bags as well. As you will see, many designers have a complete range of clothing with matching shoes and handbags. Art was never much more appreciated than it is today. People accept the worth of wearing designer clothing, shoes or handbags. It gives them a sense of wearing something completely unique like an artist's painting, and that concept is completely true. Fashion designers are artists in their own field.

With all the different variety in clothing, fashion has fallen into many categories. There is the contemporary, the classic, the ethnic, the fusion and so many more. The choices are endless and so are the materials used in the making of clothes. You will see many new types of materials have been used in the making of clothes these days. There are also some natural materials like hemp being used in the making of clothes. These natural materials are environment friendly as they are bio-degradable.

Fashion is different from individual to individual. Some people might find a certain category of clothing fashionable, while others might not. Depending on the cultures followed and personal liking, people tend to choose what sort of clothing is fashionable to them. In some cultures women are not allowed to expose their skin, so they tend to like fuller clothes. Other women might not feel any inhibition in exposing their body, as for them it is an expression of freedom. It is a completely personal choice as to what fashion is for you.

It is a must to mention that fashion does not simply revolve around clothing. It also includes the accessories like shoes, handbags, jewellery, etc. Cosmetics are also a part of fashion. A certain style of putting make-up and certain colors are in fashion for some time and then the style tends to change. 20 years ago there were no lip glosses nor was there any concept of them. The 1990s saw the invention of the lip gloss and has been in fashion ever since in many different forms and colors. Similarly, certain colors and shades stay in fashion for a short while and then they change. You must have seen that at some points dark, vibrant colors are in fashion. Clothing and cosmetics of same colors are used. At times when subtle colors are in fashion, the trend follows with clothing, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, handbags, etc.

Fashion had never been bolder than it is today. Designers are not afraid to try something completely different and innovative with their designs for the fear of not being accepted. People, generally, have become more acceptable and bolder with what they wear, whether it is men or women. Even men tend to indulge into many fashionable clothing, like choosing floral designs. The world is changing and so has the world of fashion.

fashion designing
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